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Yarn Bombed Door Knobs: FREE Pattern!


Last weekend I got closet doors.

Yes, before that, I didn’t have closet doors. It gave my room a perpetually messy look and I hated it.

But now, I have these beautiful closet doors and….some ugly, boring door knobs.

To fix this, I bought some AWESOME pirate medallion door knobs on Etsy, just like the ones from Pirates of the Caribbean!

But while the ugly knobs were sitting on my desk after being taken off, (right next to a ball of yarn) I had an idea, which led to this FREE pattern for you guys….


Yarn Bombed Door Knobs!

These are so simple and they come out really cute. These door knobs are those really common ones that come with every put-it-together-yourself piece of furniture. They’re just unfinished wood and while mine aren’t painted, it might look really cool if they were, and the paint peeked out from between the yarn!


ss- slip stitch

ch- chain

dc- double crochet

sk- skip

sc2tog- single crochet 2 together (or a decrease)

hdc- half double crochet

BLO- back loops only

rep- repeat

FO- fasten off

I used a worsted weight yarn and an E hook.

In a magic circle, ch2 and then 11hdc, ss to close (12)

R1: ch3, dc in same st, ch2, *sk1 st, 2dc in same st, ch2; rep from * around (24)

at this point it’s a good idea to weave in your beginning tail, as it will be tough to access from this point forward

instead of ss to close, immediately start with a sc2tog (in the top of the ch3 and the first dc of the previous round) in BLO

rep sc2tog in BLO of ch sts, and every dc and ch pair around, ss to close (12)

put what you have so far onto your door knob, then sc2tog around, while on the knob

this is a bit tricky, but it really helps to secure the piece to the knob (6)

when you’re done, FO and weave in your end…that’s it!


If you have any questions, leave them for me in the comments.

Happy crocheting!

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