WIP Wednesday #7: The Zen Blanket Pattern (Free!)

Can I just start by saying that I love Periscope?! I think it’s so cool to be able to connect with my readers, fans and customers that way. A big thanks to everyone who was on yesterday’s Periscope!

This pattern was going to be called the Easy Peasy Scrap Eater Blanket, but everyone on Periscope convinced me that it should be renamed The Zen Blanket, so here it is!

the zen blanket free crochet pattern from screen to stitch

This pattern is perfect for eating up scraps. It’s super easy to memorize and can grow to be as big as you’d like! I used the word zen when describing how patterns like this make me feel…they can be very meditative as you don’t have to think about the pattern or the colors, you can just relax and crochet. And that’s where the name came from!

Share your pics with the hashtag #zenblanket so I can see!

The Zen Blanket Pattern

Turning chain does NOT count as a stitch throughout.
ch 21
R1: in 4th ch from hook, dc (dc) in each st across (18)
R2: ch1, turn, sc in next st (sc) in each st across, not including turning chain from row below (18)
R3: ch3, turn, dc in next st (dc) in each st across, not including turning chain from row below (18)
rep rows 2-3 until you run out of yarn (end on a complete row) then attach the next color and keep going

Keep going until you reach the length you desire your blanket. Then start over from R1 and make another panel. Keep making panels until you have enough to make the blanket the width you desire.

Sew the panels together using the zipped ladder stitch, or whichever sewing method you prefer.

Here are some helpful tutorials for the techniques used in this blanket:

Changing Colors in Crochet

Zipped Ladder Stitch Tutorial

I hope you like this pattern! Make sure you share your Zen Blanket project with me by using the hashtag #zenblanket so I can see!

Let’s use up those scraps so we can buy some more yarn!! (hehe)

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