Summer Sunshine Club

Today I’m introducing the Sunshine Club, a fun new way to share crochet with the people you love.

My Summer Sun Softie pattern is one of my most downloaded patterns and I thought it would be fun if we used the coming of summer to our advantage to spread a little sunshine!

Summer Sun Softie Crochet Pattern

How the Sunshine Club works:

1. Using my free pattern, make a summer sun softie (or several!)
2. Give the sun to someone you love, someone who could use a little sunshine, or just someone that likes cute cuddly suns!
3. Post a pic of your sun (and it’s recipient, if possible!) on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, using the hashtag: #STSsunshineclub

That’s it!

Spread some love and some sun and have fun!

Happy crocheting!

ps- stay tuned on my Instagram for pics of who I’ll be sending my sunshine to!