Star Wars Crochet Blanket

I love crocheting gifts.

I think most people do. It’s satisfying to make something from scratch for someone you care about.

When my siblings were little, I would make them stuffed animals and cute little crochet amigurumi. But now, my brother is 14 and I somehow just know he won’t get any use out of an amigurumi animal.

So I was on the hunt for a project that I could make for him that he would actually enjoy and get use out of.

In comes graphgans! (Check out my board on Pinterest for more, if you’re interested!)

I had never done any graphgan-ing before, but there was something cool about turning a graphic image into crocheted imagery.

I decided to make my brother a Star Wars crochet blanket because I knew it would be something he would never grow out of and he could always enjoy!

star wars crochet blanket progress

The pattern I’m using is called A Galaxy Far, Far Away… by Courtney Laube and it’s a FREE download on Ravelry!

So far I’ve made a few of the different light saber blocks as well as R2-D2, the Rebel Insignia and C3P0.

I think he’s really going to like it! I’m planning on giving it to him either for his 15th birthday in November (hopefully it’ll be finished by then!) or for Christmas.

Who would you make a Star Wars crochet blanket for? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Tess says:

    need to make for my Grandson in TX… he loves Star Wars, his Daddy does, too!!! I tried to find your Pinterest boards, but Pinterest says “we cannot find” Need all the help I can find for this blanket 🙂

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