French Toast Free Crochet Pattern

Free Pattern: French Toast

If you told me I could only have one breakfast for the rest of my life, I would immediately choose French toast. No hesitation necessary!

This cute little French Toast softie is fun to whip up and oh so cute! (Although, not so delicious. Don’t try eating him!)

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French Toast Crochet Pattern:


size H (5.oomm) crochet hook

tan yarn

dark brown yarn

red yarn

black yarn

9mm black safety eyes (you could also embroider or crochet eyes)

yarn needle


Toast Sides (make 2)

R1: ch15
R2: sk 1st ch, (sc) in each st across (14)
R3-18: ch1, turn, (sc) in each st across (14)
R19: attach yarn on right side (with RS facing) 2 rows down; ch1, 4dc in next st, 3dc in corner st, hdc in next st and every st across the top, stopping at the other corner; in corner st do 3dc, 4dc in next st on side of toast, ss into next st
FO and weave in ends


R1: ch3
R2: sk 1st ch, (sc) in each st across (2)
R3-83 : ch1, turn, (sc) in each st across (2)
FO, leave a long tail (long enough to sew crust to toast sides)

Moustache (make 2)

R1: ch11
R2: in 2nd ch from hook, sc, then: 1sc, ss
FO with a tail long enough to sew onto face


R1: ch2
R2: sc in 2nd ch from hook
R3: ch1, turn, inc (2)
R4: ch1, turn, inc, sc (3)
R5: ch1, turn, inc, 2sc (4)
R6: ch1, turn, sc, inc, 2sc (5)
R7-55:ch1, turn, sc across (5)
R56: ch1, turn, 2sc, dec, sc (4)
R57: ch1, turn, dec, 2sc (3)
R58: ch1, turn, dec, sc (2)
R59: ch1, turn, dec (1)
R60: ch1, turn, sc (1)
FO, leave long tail for sewing onto toast


R1: sc 6 in ML
R2: (inc) rep 6 times (12)
R3: (sc, inc) rep 6 times (18)
R4: (sc) in each st around (18)
R5: (inc, 2sc) rep 6 times (24)
R6: (3sc, inc) rep 6 times (30)
R7: (sc) in each st around (30)
R8: in BLO, (dec) rep 15 times (15)
FO and leave a long tail for sewing

Beret Stem

R1: leaving a longer beginning tail than usual, ch5
FO and leave enough of a tail to sew it to top of beret


I added his face before sewing the crust on. Add the safety eyes according to the picture and sew the mustache pieces on with the big sides together (see pictures). If you’d like, give him eyebrows with the dark brown yarn.

Next, we’ll sew the two sides of the bread together with the crust. I sewed the crust to the back piece of bread entirely and then added the top side of bread. Be sure to stuff lightly before you close it up!

Wrap the scarf around the toast lightly and sew to keep in place. Pinch the front of the scarf together and wrap the red yarn around it a few times to make a “knot”.

Stuff the beret lightly and sew to top corner of the French toast.

That’s it!