Barry the Strawberry

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Hook: G/4.25mm

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“There’s a leek in the boat… AHHH” This yarned bit of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 word play has just as much personality as his on screen counterpart.  Put him together with Barry the Strawberry and a pair of Marshmallows for an awesome CCM2 gift set for a special little one.

You’ll Need:

G Hook (4.25mm)
Red Yarn
Dark Green Yarn
White Felt
Green embroidery thread
9mm Black Safety eyes
Black and yellow embroidery thread

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I used RoxyCraft’s “Hearts” pattern for the body of Barry. I made only small modifications and I have listed the revised pattern below.

A big thank you to Tamie Oldridge for so graciously letting me use her pattern! Check out the original here: crochet_hearts.htm)

1st circle:

R1: sc6 in magic ring

R2: inc around (12)

R3: *2sc in first sc, 1sc in next, repeat from * around (18)

R4: *2sc in first sc, 1sc in next 2sc, repeat from * around (24)

FO first circle leaving a 6” tail.

Set aside.

2nd Circle:

R1: ch2, 6sc in 1st ch

R2: 2sc in each sc around (12)

R3: *2sc in first sc, 1sc in next, repeat from * around (18)

R4: *2sc in first sc, 1sc in next 2sc, repeat from * around (24)

Do not finish off, remove your hook and get your first circle.

Put both circles together, wrong sides in. Using the tail from circle #1, whip stitch the two circles together using your yarn needle through 4 stitches. Your working loop should be on the outside of the circle and not stitched through. When you are done, you will have a figure “8” shape.

Put your hook back into your working loop and continue:

R5-11: sc in each stitch around (42)

R12: *dec, 1sc in next 5 stitches*, repeat from * around

R13: sc in each stitch around

R14: *dec, 1sc in next 4 stitches*, repeat from * around

R15: sc in each stitch around

Cut eyes from white felt. Embroider eyes with dk green embroidery thread. Using a satin stitch, make a donut shape with the green thread, leaving space for the 9mm safety eye. Attach the eyes to Barry.

It’s easier to embroider the mouth now as well. Satin stitch an “O” shape, for his surprised mouth.

R16: *dec, 1sc in next 3 stitches*, repeat from * around

R17: sc in each stitch around

R18: *dec, 1sc in next 2 stitches*, repeat from * around

R19: sc in each stitch around

Begin stuffing, the more stuffing the better… don’t be shy with it. You want it to be firm to the touch.

R20: *dec, 1sc in next stitch*, repeat from * around

R21: sc in each stitch around, FO leaving a tail Finish stuffing and use the tail to sew the hole shut tight.


(make 4)

R1: ch4, sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc2 R2-6: ch1, turn, sc3

R7: ch1, turn, dec, sc1

R8-9: ch1, turn, sc2

R10: ch1, turn, dec

R11-12: ch1, turn, sc1



R1: sc6 in magic ring R2-8: sc around (6) FO

Barry the Strawberry Arms:

(make 2)

ch8, in 2nd ch from hook, sc, ch2, sc, ch2, sc, FO


(make 2)

ch5, in 2nd ch from hook, sc, ch2, sc, ch2, sc FO


Sew leaves on the top of Barry’s head and sew the stem into the middle. Attach the arms and legs. Next, using the yellow embroidery thread,

embroider the seeds by simply looping the thread vertically around your crochet stitches, somewhat randomly.

That’s it! You’ve made Barry the Strawberry!

I hope you’ve enjoyed making your very own Barry the Strawberry!

RoxyCraft’s “Hearts” Pattern was reproduced with permission from the author.

And that’s it! You have a cute little Snowgie! You can even make a bunch as friends for Olaf! Be sure to share your finished creations on Instagram or my Facebook page! Just use hashtag #ScreentoStitch so I can see!

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