Basic Granny Square Pattern

So for my 52 week Granny Square project, I will be using the basic granny square pattern below. If you would like to crochet along with me, join the Ravelry group!

NEOUS9Rk2mqOQnBe.jpgSo here is the pattern:

Crochet Hook Size- H/5.00mm

I used 4 colors, but the cool part about a granny square is that you can use as many colors as you wish! I changed colors every row.


ch- chain

ss- slip stitch

st- stitch

sp- space

dc- double crochet

rep- repeat

w/color A:

ch6, ss to form loop

ch2 (counts as dc) 2dc, ch, *3dc, ch, rep from * around, join w/ss to top of ch2

change to color B

ch2 (counts as dc) 2dc in same st, *ch1, 3dc in previous ch1 sp, ch1, 3dc in same sp (this forms a corner) rep from * around, join w/ss to top of ch2

this pattern can be repeated around as many times as you wish. For each ch1 sp on an edge, you make one 3dc cluster and for every ch1 sp in a corner, you make two 3dc clusters to make the turn. Be sure to put a ch1 sp in between each 3dc cluster, to give you space for the next row.

Comment if you have any questions and don’t forget to join the group so you can share your progress!