Welcome to Screen to Stitch

A Bit About Me

My name is Jess Mason and I am a pattern designer and fiber artist community manager. I started crocheting when I was around 14 years old (my Grandma taught me!) and for the longest time I was only interested in making chain stitches! (Seriously, I think I made a chain an entire skein long!)

As I got older I started exploring all the possibilities crochet has to offer and that’s when I really fell in love with the craft. I started learning to knit and weave and my fiber obsession only grew!

jess mason of screen to stitch

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I return a pattern?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of digital items, patterns cannot be returned and all sales are final.

Can I sell finished items that I made from your pattern?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked. The answer is yes. Please feel free to sell finished items made from my patterns. I do ask that credit be given in some way to me, in the form of a link or my name on the tag at a craft fair. However, do NOT sell the patterns themselves in any form.

If I have a question, how can I contact you?

Shoot me an email! jess@screentostitch.com

Or, just use the contact form.